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       2017 - The Optimist  (74%)
       2014 - Distant Satellites  (83%)
       2012 - Weather System  (84%)
       2011 - Falling Deeper  (86%)
       2010 - We're Here Because We're Here  (84%)
       2008 - Hindsight  (87%)
       2003 - A Natural Disaster  (94%)
       2001 - A fine day to exit  (86%)
       1999 - Judgement  (92%)
       1998 - Alternative 4  (78%)
       1996 - Eternity  (93%)
       1995 - The Silent Enigma  (76%)
       1995 - Pentecost III  (71%)
       1993 - Serenades  (73%)

Anathema - formed in 1990 in Liverpool, United Kingdom
Years Active: 1990 through present.
Band Members: Vincent Cavanagh - Guitar, Vocals; Daniel Cavanagh - Guitar;Les Smith - Keyboards; Jamie Cavanagh - Bass; John Douglas - Drums
Ex-Members: Darren White - Vocals (The Blood Divine, Dead Men Dream, Serotonal); Duncan Patterson - Bass (Antimatter, Dreambreed); Dave Pybus - Bass (Dreambreed, Cradle of Filth); George Roberts - Bass (live session member); Shaun Steels - Drums (My Dying Bride); Martin Powell - Keyboards, Violin (My Dying Bride, Cradle of Filth, Cryptal Darkness)
Styles: Doom/Death Metal, Atmospheric Rock

Anathema is one the most prominent doom/gothic bands, a true musical phenomena that took the English metal scene by storm and imposed a unique style that many have followed and tried to copy. Anathema come from Liverpool, and were the creation of Vinnie, and the brothers Cavanagh, Danny and Jimmie.

In 1990, they released their first demo “An Iliad of Woes”, that displayed the band’s potential, regardless of the poor recording conditions. In 1991, the band releases their second demo “All Faith is Lost” and the first official release called “They Die”. These two recordings caught the attention of Peaceville records, that is known for its extensive catalogue of innovative and original bands. In 1992, Anathema released what become a classic ,“The Crestfallen”, an E.P that showed, for the first time, what Anathena could really do. It is not surprise that the debut album, “Serenades”, became such a success, a year later.With slow beat doom atmospheric songs and introspective lyrics that explore all specters of the dark orientated soul, “Serenades” was an exercise of style and pure musical art. A mini disc followed, “Pentecost III”, in 1995. In the same year, recording their second album, Anathema were forced to replace the singer, and so the guitar player Vincent Cavanagh assumed the vocal parts, as formed singer Darren White left the band. The result was “The Silent Enigma”, a very ambitious work that shows a simplification of the song structures, producing a smooth and emotion charged melodies, enhanced by bands’ great ability to deliver poetical lyrics.

The next album, “Eternity”, released in 1996 showed a radical change, showing us a clear evolution that made the album closer to progressive metal than the releases so far.

Especially regarding the vocals, introducing a “clean”, the lyrical content concerning love and death as the most relevant factors. The production, however, was not the best and the album suffered a bit from that.What followed was another great change, with “Alternative 4”, in 1998, an album that could almost be a debut, for it showed a very different Anathema. It shows a more intricate set of songs that are harmonic yet still heavy, Vincent’s voice shines on this record, in part thanks to the great production that allowed Anathema to display all their talent. Critics were unanimous: “Alternative 4” was a jewel, a doom anthem that could appeal to all metal fans, regardless of their favourite particular sub genre.After it, bass player Duncan Petterson left the band. In the year of 1999, the band suffered some line up changes, with a new bass player joining it, Dave Pybus, and with the return of John Douglas, the original drummer.

Along with these changes, the band also changed label and signed for the label Music For Nations. Anathema headed to Italy where they would record “Judgement”, perhaps the best Anathema album ever. It defined Anathema as a force to be reckoned with and showed melodic landscape that are as dreamy as dark.

Still, the band managed to re-invent itself and in 2001, with the precious help of Les Smith, a keyboardist who had already worked with the band, the album “A Fine Day to Exit” was released. This time, Anathema show a more modern approach, with less classical elements and a ground breaking album that blends progressive with doom, achieving a status of creative originality that is difficult to surpass. Dave Pybus left the band and was replaced by George Roberts, whilethe band tries to find a permanent bassist. So far, the band have released 2 compilations of their best songs, titled - Resonance1 (2001) and Resonance 2 (2002), the 2003 album called "A Natural Disaster", followed by a series of live performances of their. The recordings of those concerts generated the release of the "Were You There?" DVD.

More than ten years after their beginning, Anathema, whose name means “Acursed” have claimed the title of supreme musicians and have conquered the devotion of many fans, impressing the critics all over the world, and delivering something new with every release, so that their career is one of permanent evolution, without losing the spirit that inspired them to start in the first place and keeping the same goal: To write good music that goes beyond the ears and touches one’s soul.


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70-79% DOBRÉ


40-49% SLABÉ

10-39% TRAPNÉ

0-9% HNŮJ!!!


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