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Grave  (SWE) 

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       2012 - Endless Procession of Souls  (55%)
       2008 - Dominion VIII  (67%)
       2006 - As Rapture Comes  (67%)
       2004 - Fiendish Regression  (68%)
       2002 - Back from the Grave  (60%)
       1996 - Hating Life  (52%)
       1994 - Soulless  (66%)
       1993 - ...And Here I Die...Satisfied  (68%)
       1992 - You'll Never See...  (78%)
       1991 - Into the Grave  (70%)

One of the longest-running Swedish death metal bands, GRAVE has created a sound and style which has been an inspiration on a number of the genre's more promising younger outfits. Started as the band Corpse in 1986, they released loads of demos; before the group's legendary 1991 debut.

Into the Grave, established GRAVE as one of death metal's most brutal new hopefuls, a title the act cemented through a host of live performances across
Europe and America.

1992's You'll Never See...,the band's critically-acclaimed second release, showcased their growing musical talent with a cleaner, stronger sound appealing to a wider audience while retaining the group's trademark heaviness. Unfortunately, that effort would also mark the first album recording without bassist Jonas, who'd left GRAVE several months earlier as a result of his increasing dislike for the touring lifestyle. After unsuccessfully trying to fill the slot, the group made a collective decision to revert to their original three-man line-up, with guitarist Jorgen Sandstrom switching to bass.

In late 1993, GRAVE issued ...And Here I Die...Satisfied, a limited edition EP featuring brand new, rare and remixed tracks encompassing the band's entire recording history. Designed to mark the end of an era for the outfit, the EP set the stage for the release of the trio's long-awaited third full-length offering.

Soulless, was recorded during the early part of 1994 at Stockholm's Sunlight Studios (as were all of the group's previous outings) with producer Tomas Skogsberg. Featuring a more mature and musical direction than was the case with GRAVE's past efforts, Soulless pleased theband's longtime followers while expanding the group's appeal to non-die hard death metal audiences, a point the trio attributed to their "growth as musicians.

In 1996, GRAVE ventured back with another attack of their relentlessly brutal, yet catchy material in the shape of Hating Life Produced, once again, by Skogsberg at his Sunlight facility, the album marked the vocal debut of guitarist Ola Lindgren, who took over the singing department following the departure of Sandstrom. Proving that they haven't softened their stance a bit or compromised their focus on writing songs that hit hard and leave a lasting impression, Hating Life will surely please anyone into music that's equally treacherous and tuneful. Grave toured both the States and in Europe to support this album.

After the last tour the band had a loooooong break until 1999 when they decided to play together again. Rehearsals went pretty slow at first but after a while they got old bassplayer Jonas Torndal back in the band, this time to grab the second guitar. The bassjob went to an old friend of the band - Freddan Isaksson who´ve played with numerous Stockholm based bands, the most known to you would be Therion. The band played their first live gig in 5 years at the HardRock cafe´Stockholm. Following that gig rehearsals continued and in the spring of 2002 the new album "Back from the grave" was recorded at Sunlight studios in Stockholm. Released in September that same year the album featured a bonus disc with the 3 classic Grave demos from 1988-1989.

After touring with the likes of Immolation, Goatwhore and Crematorium through North America, a headlining European tour with The Forsaken and Disinter, then followed by a slot on the tour with Exodus, God Dethroned, Nuclear Assault and Agent Steel, it was time to set to work on the next album enitled "Fiendish Regression". The sixth album in the history of GRAVE was recorded with Coercion-Member Pelle Ekegren on drums, adding a more vivid and relentless groove attack to the classic GRAVE song-structures. Two European tours followed:one headlining and one as part of "The Domination Tour", alongside Cryptopsy and Aborted.

Back in Sweden, GRAVE entered Studio Soulless to record their newest malevolent creation "As Rapture Comes". To cement the albums mix, the band returned to Peter Tägtgrens Abyss Studio (Dimmu Borgir, Immortal). The new album delivers the bands famous relentless death-groove in a well-elaborated combination with clearly increased aggressive bite and superior dynamics in their own songs. The album also includes a heavy cover version of Alice In Chains classic song "Them Bones".

The 7th Grave album "As Rapture Comes" was released by Century Media records in July 2006. Featuring everything between the brutality of "Into the grave" and the groove and heaviness of "Soulless" this one is certain to please anyone into true oldschool deathmetal.

The Enraptured DVD was recorded in Poland Aug 2006 and features all 16 live tracks from that show. Bonus tracks are 2 songs filmed at Party-San festival 2004 and also the Soulless videoclip which actually is the only video that Grave has ever produced. It also includes interview, biography, discography and tons of photos. We really wanted to add a lot more bonus material from old gigs and tour rarities but unfotunately there were legal matters concerning the rights to that material which could not be solved in time for the release. However, we are already planning for another Dvd which definately will contain all of that stuff...

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90-100% GENIÁLNÍ!!!


70-79% DOBRÉ


40-49% SLABÉ

10-39% TRAPNÉ

0-9% HNŮJ!!!


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