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Entombed  (SWE) 

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       2005 - Unreal Estate  (63%)
       2003 - Inferno  (61%)
       2002 - Morning Star  (74%)
       1991 - Clandestine  (67%)

Sweden has long since been the modern epicentre of serious metal music, and has produced some of todays leading scene veterans. Even though Entombed are still only in their late twenties, this accolade surely befits them the most. Beginning as the earliest incarnation of a teenage metal band, Entombed have sustained their unique Rot'n'Roll sound throughout the years, and have even been nominated for Swedish Grammies on three occasions.

Entombed began life in 1987 as Nihilist, consisting of founder members Nicke Andersson, Alex Hellid and, occasionally, L.G. Petrov and Uffe Cederlund. After two years, the band split up only to reform as Entombed a few months later with David Blomqvist replacing Alex. Shortly before recording a demo But Life Goes On, Alex rejoined the band and they signed a deal with Earache Records.

Entombeds first album Left Hand Path was released in 1990, with bass duties being shared between Nicke and Uffe. The following year Lars Rosenburg was recruited as a full-time bass player. Line-up changes continued, however. L.G. Petrov parted company with the band and their second album Clandestine was released featuring vocals from Nicke. The success of the album prompted an extensive tour of Europe and North America. A new vocalist, Johnny Dordevic, was recruited and appeared on a single Stranger Aeons. The track was released to coincide with with the bands headlining appearances on the Gods Of Grind Tour, but by the time the tour started Johnny Dordevic had been replaced by original singer L.G.

Also featuring Carcass, Cathedral and Confessor, the tour showcased the best of the grindcore scene and introduced the band to an extended fanbase. By the time the Wolverine Blues album was released in 1993, Entombed were enjoying considerable success throughout Europe. A number of awards and a support slot with hardcore veterans Napalm Death followed.

Bassist Lars Rosenburg left the band in 1995 after the release of two singles, Out of Hand and a collaboration with New Bomb Turks, Night Of The Vampire. He was replaced by Jorgen Sandstrom, formally bassist/singer in Grave.

The following year marked two major changes for Entombed. They signed to a new management label (Dave Thorne Management) and moved from Earache to Music For Nations. After touring their native Sweden, the band began recording their first album for their new label. To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak The Truth was released in March 1997 to widespread critical acclaim and the band won the coveted support slot on Machine Heads tour, followed by a tour with label-mates Neurosis. In October, however, the band had to cope with another line-up change. Founding member Nicke left to work full-time with his side-project The Hellacopters, but the band immediately recruited Peter Stjarnvind to fill in the tour and on its completion made him a permanent member. More awards followed, including the Kerrang Spirit Of Independence Award and success in many rock magazine readers polls.

1998 saw Entombed taking on the world. Japan and Australia got their first chance to see the bands intense live performances and America welcomed the band back after a seven year absence. The remainder of the year was spent recording Same Difference. The bands first album without chief songwriter Nicke, it was released in November after the band put in a well-received appearance at the UK Ozzfest. Following the recording of a covers EP, Black JuJu, the band took to the road with influential math-metallers Meshuggah.

The bands intense work rate continued into 1999 with yet more touring, this time with Skinlab and Medula Nocte in support. They returned to Australia for another successful round of live shows.

In May, Entombed began to write tracks for what was to become Uprising. The album was recorded at Das Boot studios in Sweden with producer Nico Elgstrand. Continuing their reputation as one of the hardest working bands in rock, the album was recorded and mixed in only 18 days.

Uprisings release in March 2000 was greeted with a phenomenal reception from both fans and critics. A review in Swedens Expressen newspaper stated that the album was Super good, as ever. while Kerrang declared If ever there was an album that should come with a government health warning, Uprising is it.

The band supported Iron Maiden throughout Canada and Europe, as well as embarking on their own shows. At the end of these dates, the band immediately began planning their next album.

Morning Star was released on 3rd September 2001, and was received as one of the most intense and exciting releases of the year.

2002, saw the band, not only perform at the Swedish Royal Opera house with the Royal Ballet Ensemble and get nominated for their second Swedish Grammy, but also celebrate their 15th Anniversary with the release of a double album of all the cover versions the band had recorded in the studio during their career. The album was released in November 2002 and was entitled Sons Of Satan, Praise The Lord.

Entombeds album for 2003 was Inferno, the follow-up to 2001's 'Morning Star' album saw Entombed in unmistakable raw form, and featured some of their best hooks and riffage ever. Recorded in early 2003 at the famed Atlantis Studios in Stockholm, which has been host to Abba and Lenny Kravitz, 'Inferno' was co-produced by Entombed and Per Gunnerfeldt who is best known for his work with The Hives.

September and October European shows had NINE and DISFEAR as support before the band forged a union with KING DIAMOND for US touring throughout October and November. Returning home for the December Scandinavian 'Close-Up Made Us Do It' tour alongside DISFEAR and RAISED FIST In January of 2004 ENTOMBED parted ways with Jörgen Sandström and drafted Nico 'Moosebeach' Elgstrand, formerly of ALBATROSS and TERRA FIRMA, in his stead. .US versions of the 'Inferno' opus released in August through Candlelight added a bonus disc of extra material dubbed 'Averno' comprising two previously unreleased songs from the 'Inferno' sessions and 'When Humanity's Gone' from the 'Inferno' vinyl format.

ENTOMBED headed up a package billing comprising CROWBAR, PRO-PAIN, and THE MIGHTY NIMBUS for US tour dates in February 2005. In early September the band put out an official statement that Uffe Cederlund was "no longer in the band".

In early November ENTOMBED revealed 'Serpent Saints' was to be the title of a new album, set for a September 18th 2006 release through Threeman Recordings. Meanwhile an mini-album entitled "When in Sodom"-Ep saw the light of day 06-06-06 featuring 5 new Entombed songs

<strong>Current Line-up:</strong>
LG Petrov - Vocals
Alex Hellid - Guitars
Nico Elgstrand - Bass
Peter Starjnwind - Drums


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90-100% GENIÁLNÍ!!!


70-79% DOBRÉ


40-49% SLABÉ

10-39% TRAPNÉ

0-9% HNŮJ!!!


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