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Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay

Hodnocení skladby: 79%
Délka skladby: 2:15 min
Žánr: death metal
Vloženo: 12.02.2007, 16:01

Interpret: Autopsy
Hudební album: Mental Funeral
Celkové hodnocení alba: 94%
Rok vydání: 1991

From the brown infested clouds
Painful death is unleashed
Toxic rain upon your skin
Now you are diseased

Pus filled wounds begin to form
Inflamed bloated mess
Internal organs sizzle and corrode
Contaminated blood flows with death
The features are slowly rotting
Off your deformed face
Now you are just
A twisted mass of burnt decay

Retching violently
Heaving chunks of burnt toxic decay
Hair falls out
Bowels expel their rotten stinking waste

Body and mind are dubbed a fate
So horrendous and sick
The safety of the womb is gone
Bloody pus oozes from your dick

Unformed offspring
Meet the poisoned air
Ejected fetuses litter the street
Men and women cry
For themselves and their young
A twisted monument
Of mans defeat