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I Know

Song evaluation: 68%
Song length: 3:13 min
Genre: folk
Added: 26.11.2023, 03:53

Interpreter: Eivør
Album: Room
Album evaluation: 64%
Release Year: 2012

By morning you will return, I know
And sunlight will land on the earth, I know
Flowers will blossom tomorrow
Your heart willbe mine to borrow, I know
My sweetest love...

The sun will go down in the evening, I know
Like a breeze on my cheek you'll be leaving, I know
When the last roses are closing
You will be over the ocean, I know
My sweetest love...

In the moment when daylight is born I know
In the stillness after the storm I know
When a tear is silently falling
My heart is quietly calling, I know
My sweetest love...