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Adrspach-Teplice rock townrock town (it has nothing to do with music :-))
Area of Lednice & Valticearea on the list of UNESCO
Bohemian Paradisenatural area with sandstone rocks, castles and ruins
Bohemian Switzerlandterritory of the Elbe Sandstones, which has been called Czech and Saxon Switzerland for nearly two centuries
Cesky Krumlovwonderful UNESCO town
Hluboka chateaufairy-tale state chateau Hluboka
Karlstejn castlenational cultural property
Konopiste chateauoriginally founded as a gothic fortress
Kost castlebest preserved gothic castle in the Czech Republic
Krivoklat castleone of the oldest and most important Czech castles
Kutna Hora one of the most historical Czech town (formerly mining town)
Praguecapital and most beautiful Czech city
Trebictown on the list of UNESCO


Operamy favourite browser


Monty Python's Flying Circuscomplete list of sketches from British grand masters of humour
Yes (Prime) Ministervery old and not very precious site, but good humor is eternal.


C.E.E.O.L.Central and Eastern European Online Library
Český statistický úřad"Czech Statistical Office" - information about the education, inhabitants, science, labour, information technologies, etc.
Diffendifferences in practise
DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals)Free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals, covering all subjects and many languages
European Patent Officesearching for patents registered at European Patent Office
JEP - Journal of Electronic Publishingforum for research and discussion about contemporary publishing practices
Léčivadatabase of all allowed drugs in the Czech Republic (State Institute of Drug Control)
ToxNetdatabases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, environmental health, and toxic releases
Zeno Volltextbibliotheklarge collection of the German original text


Karel Čapekgreat personality of Czech literature, humanist with admirably wide coverage of interests
Umberto EcoItalian writer of fiction, essays, academic texts, and children’s books, and certainly one of the finest authors of the twentieth century


Imperial War MuseumMuseum of wars, especially those involving Britain and the Commonwealth, from the First World War to the present day
Národní technické muzeumwebsite of the National Technical Museum in Prague
Natural History MuseumBritish museum of natural history
The British Museumthe first national public museum in the world


Encyclopaedia Metallumfundamental site for fans of any kind of hard music


Sociologický časopis"Czech Sociological Review" is the flagship journal of the Czech sociological community


Budweiser Budvarin my opionion the best Czech Beer
Bushmill'sgreat Irish whiskey
Cragganmoreexcellent Scotch whisky
Jamesonmost famous Irish whiskey
Strathislawonderful Scotch whisky
Tarapacá"world wine", the best-selling French wine in the world
Tullamore Dewanother fine Irish whiskey


FunctionXexcellent programming tutorials (VBA, SQL, C+, C++, atd.)
MySQL Reference Manualreference manual for MySQL 5.6
PHP manuálreference PHP manual
W3Schoolworld's largest web development site
Web-sourcelearn how to create your own website with hundreds of copy and paste codes, videos and examples
Windows CMDOverview of Windows commands


Bernard RussellBritish philosopher
Charles DarwinThe world's largest and most widely used resource on Charles Darwin
Egon Bondycontroversial Czechoslovakian thinker
EpíkurosEpicurean philosophy on-line
Fýsisdomain edited by the Czech philosopher Zdenek Kratochvil
Jan Patočkaarchive of Czech philosopher Jan Patocka
Jaroslav Peregrinone of the most significant Czech logician and analytical philosopher
John LockeJohn Lock's e-text
Michel FoucaultFrench philosopher
SisyfosCzech Sceptics Club


Unfortunately, still no link in this section.


Diffen differences in practise
Terrorism Incident 1945-2004 The database lists selected incidents from 1945 (after the end of World War 2) through 2004. These collected incidents provide a snapshot of the wide-range of terrorist attacks and political violence experienced worldwide since World War II.
W3School world's largest web development site
EpubBooks free epub e-books
Strathisla wonderful Scotch whisky
Zeno Volltextbibliothek large collection of the German original text
Epíkuros Epicurean philosophy on-line
John Locke John Lock's e-text
Michel Foucault French philosopher
Jan Patočka archive of Czech philosopher Jan Patocka