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Huntress Moon

Song evaluation: -1%
Song length: 6:55 min
Genre: death metal
Added: 26.11.2023, 03:53

Interpreter: In Mourning
Album: Garden of Storms
Album evaluation: -1%
Release Year: 2019

Torn by the lustrous winds
Left in the throes of night
Breathing with faded glow

When the final flames burned out
The wind paved way fro the smoke
A raging sea in the past
Mirroring the solitude of one

Lost in the hallways of night
Artifacts of the sky
Quiet tellers of the truth
A frozen touch by the godess of moons
Mouth of heaven consume the dark
Bleed for the vision, the sun and the moon

Pierce through the sky
Light from the gods
A sigh in the wind
A faceless black mass

Come forth in shapeless silence, at last
The blade and snake will leave the hollow
The scales are turning over
Keep searching
The dagger will leave the hollow