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Beyond Thunder

Song evaluation: -1%
Song length: 7:03 min
Genre: death metal
Added: 26.11.2023, 03:53

Interpreter: In Mourning
Album: The Bleeding Veil
Album evaluation: -1%
Release Year: 2021

I thought salvation was waiting
Beyond the mountains, beyond the dawn
My inner shadows were carried by your grace
A golden thorn upon your brow

When I gaze upon the sky
The light reminds me of you
And as I close my eyes
You remain in my sight

Like mercenaries of the night
Bound by blood, gathered for the reckoning
Strung together by passion
Avoiding the light at every cost

We would search for the fire in our hearts
And we would reach for the stars

Our tale will be told
And all the truths will unfold
We were the lightnings above
On the thundering sky
And we would reach for the stars
We would reach for the fire

The rain will wash away the trail
And seal away the fire within the stone
But wher the stone will meet the ground
The end will mark a new beginning