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Solitude and Silence

Song evaluation: -1%
Song length: 6:15 min
Genre: death metal
Added: 26.11.2023, 03:53

Interpreter: In Mourning
Album: The Bleeding Veil
Album evaluation: -1%
Release Year: 2021

Unending drapes, a veil between us
Cannot be unseen
It's getting dim but I can feel your scent
All that is real is out of reach

Your face is not what it used to be
It has been marked by the shadows
Your voice has lost its words
All drowned in the silver rain

You're still by my side
But a thousand miles away
I can still see you
But you're out of reach

Transcend through the silver at heart
Bare your bones for thr starving eyes
Reach now for a higher ground
Or surrender to the silence

Into the storm
Where light takes form
A bleeding veil
Will divide the trail

When the dust has settled
Our eyes will clear again
I lost you in the stampede
Still everything remains